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      • Planning A Move


        Dear All, 

        The past couple of years have been a dream come true providing many life lessons along the way.  My design practice continues to grow with amazingly supportive clients and, along with growth, comes changes.

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      • Is Your Closet Fall Ready?

        One of our blog fave's, Apartment Therapy, posted an oldie-but-goodie piece on organizing your closet for the Fall season.  There are numerous articles out their on this subject but I find this one to be straight to the point and on the money.

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        BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  Dear All, I have signed on as a sponsor and working on the production team for the 5th Annual Art Africa Miami Arts Fair held December 2-6, 2015 during Art Basel Miami.

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      • #BORNandMADE

        It's not just another campaign BUT a commitment to a movement that inspires us girls to be who you were truly born and made to be
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      • Modern Sophistication in 600 Square Feet

        How much space does one really need to live?  Here in America, we are spoiled with the "super-size" culture with our homes, SUV's, food name it!  My home is, do I dare say, ONLY 1,800sq.ft. and I feel like I really NEED more.
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