The Psychology of Color

It’s been over a month since the big announcement and it’s taken me this long to mull around and decide how I wanted to digest the news.  Did you know?  Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid.radiant-orchid-1  Pantone sets color standards for commercial use by design industries. Each year, they poll graphic, fashion, industrial, and other designers worldwide, as well as manufacturers and retailers, asking what colors they plan to use in coming seasons. A color committee made up of Pantone execs and clients makes a selection from surveys, sales of color swatches and its experts' opinions.  Well...that’s the official declaration of how the process works anyway. By the time Pantone unveils its color of the year, designs for the year ahead are already in the works. But given the company's insider access—which amounts to a cheat sheet from style leaders—its choice tends to show insight. The 2013 color of the year – Emerald - was huge last year, and so did the redish-orange "tangerine tango" from 2012.  My fashionistas could probably take a moment to reflect and make the connection.  Truth is, not everyone makes the connection that the color of the year – every year – affects not only fashion but interior design and industrial design as well.  Interior designers see the obvious “pops” of color in paint options and interior accessories that run the gamut from bedding to dinnerware, throw pillows and area rugs to name a few.  For the men, you’ll subtly find these hues in neck ties and socks but more boldly in tailored suits and shirts.  And, I’ve already seen a Radiant Orchid Keurig coffee maker.  It’s only January and it has officially grown on me! elledecor 5-Brushed-Silver-or-Platinum-great-pop-against-paint-by-Tobey-Renee-Sanders The Psychology of Color I have to say, I boast all the time that I have a “knack” for color…self-proclaimed Colorist!  My friends, neighbors and family members all get full access on my color selection powers, it’s true. My husband even tried to convince me to help his barbershop choose new colors for their interiors.  I like to think I have an insider relationship with hues…we make perfect combinations time and time again. ;-) Depending on your own personality – and this makes a difference – the lively and passionate Radiant Orchid calmly compliments modern gray tones.  Neutrals and whites can give you a very high end feel.  If you’re bold, remix it with yellows and blues. Spring is near…in our hopes and dreams anyway!  There is no easier way to update a home or wardrobe than with pops of color.  I’m generally not one to follow trends so, if you’re not vibing with Pantone’s 2014 color choice, have no fear because I get it.  Check out The Psychology of Color chart below by Carey Jolliffe and find your way around to what may be the perfect new color for you. The-Psychology-of-Colour ~ Another All Things Taj

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