Monday Musings 6 23 14

mm 6 23 14

  1. Let’s engage in a little summertime backyard high design.  So, if your outdoor lounging spot isn’t exactly an acre of sprawling greenery, that’s because it doesn’t need to be.  Check out these uber-stylish small backyard design ideas for you to start…well, this weekend?
  2. While we’re outside, ever thought of what haute things you could use in lieu of the typical run-of-the-mill chainlink or wooden fence?  Take a look at these “12 Delightfully Different Garden Wall and Fences”.
  3. What would your newly stylized backyard beauty be without the perfect summer chiller cocktail?  Have no fear, this thirst quenching White Sangria is mucho delish!  And, for my ladies, it’s #whitejeansfriendly ;)
  4. Stay with me here…we’re working our way from the outside in.  We’ve made it back into the kitchen where we threw that pitcher of yum-ness together and something’s just not right.  I’m hoping it’s not your entire kitchen…yikes!  How about new countertops?  Next to changing your cabinetry doors, upgrading your countertops brings instant life and luxe into your space.  I bet these countertop options have atleast 10 featured that you never thought of…hhhmmm.
  5. What would my Monday Musings be without atleast one to-die-for modern dream home, right?  I’m happy to elevate your interest in Vietnam with this WOW-mansion!  Pay close attention to the detailing in the design of this house.  Although it’s quite large, the interior spaces are charming and cozy, the views are all postcards shots and the sensitivity of the natural elements - wood, glass, stone, water -used throughout are simply dreamy…in my humble opinion :)
  6. Yep, I totally need this modern hammock to lay on while I daydream about frolicking around that stunner in Vietnam…heehee!
  7. Last year, I did a feature on my blog about Gucci starting the Chime for Change movement, a global campaign to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for girls and women around the world.  #ChimeforChange celebrated their 1st anniversary this month and they have been steadily making strides.  Check out some of the stories here.
  8. Attention all creative souls, check out HuffPost Arts & Culture’s feature this past week on Chargaux – a female duo.  One plays the violin and the other plays the viola.  The sound pointedly described as a “rework of traditional classical instrument vibes…releasing bubbling liquid sounds somewhere between the brashness of jazz and the mellowness of R&B”. I like a lot! :)
  9. Video of the Week:  Well, I didn’t get to see Think Like A Man, Too this weekend, which I hear is hilarious.  However, I did see Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon take a roller coaster ride together of which Kevin is TERRIFIED of.  Yep, you can start laughing now!

Make this week special!

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