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So, I'm back from summer vacay with my boys...or, was it actually "for" the boys.  I gotta tell you, I AM EXHAUSTED!!!  We grabbed a super quick 30-minute flight over to the Bahamas and stayed at The Atlantis Resort.  It was a ton of fun, to say the least!  From the mega water slides to snorkeling with the stingrays to being dragged by my family into the "Wipe Out" obstacle course in the Cartoon Network village...WOW!  I'll be sleeping for days to come. Nevertheless, no time like the present ... I gotta get back to reality.  Being that we were mostly submerged in water for the entire time, neither the iPhone nor the Canon were handy companions.  However, before I get lost in the minutia of my day-to-day grind, I wanted to share a few of the pics that we actually did randomly take:

Quick Family Photo Op before Check-In

IMG_1609_1 - auto adjusted - 640w

Daddy & Stefen Decided to Go Snorkeling with the Stingrays

IMG_1672_1 - auto correct - 640w

 Lagoons of Stingrays - and every other ocean wildlife you could think of - were Everywhere

IMG_1664 - 640w

These were in the Same Lagoon they were Snorkeling

IMG_1684 - 640w

The Kids Could Not Stop Laughing at this Sign :)

IMG_1710 - 640w

The Royal Towers, Atlantis

IMG_1630_1 - 640w

"Some" of the Yachts Lining the Atlantis Marina Village

IMG_1723 - 640w

Atlantis Marina Village - The Local Kids Teaching Stefen to Beat Drums

IMG_1742_1 - 640w

 My Boys

IMG_1735_1 - 640w

Ferry Station - Headed to Bay Street, Downtown Nassau (Official Mommy Shopping Break)

IMG_1774 - 640w

He was busy fussing at the boys to "stop running" for the 2,376th time...I stayed Smiling ;)

IMG_1816 - 640wSalut Atlantis!  Yes, there will most certainly be a next time.  As for 2014, we're out!

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