Door Swooning

What's really in a door?

There are many ways one can upgrade or change the look of their home.  You can paint or simply re-accessorize by capturing seasonal colors in your pillows, candles, flowers and other smaller details around the house.

I think one of the most dramatic changes for my home was when I decided to change my doors.  I've changed every single door in my house.  All the interior doors are pretty much the same, I have double french doors in the rear and a full glass entrance door.

My style is modern but it's a warm modern.  I love the use of natural materials...various tones of wood, stone and I've accommodated over-sized window openings as much as possible to maximize my natural light.  My last key piece that tied it all together was when I changed my front door...the ribbon - that perfect finishing touch - on my humble modern abode.

How do you feel about your door(s)?  Have you ever even thought about changing even just the entrance door?  I promise, it makes a world of a difference.  If you're thinking about changing your door, key things to consider: scale, color, material, your style and the style of your home, the curb appeal of your home, double-doors are always great if you have the space but one over-sized door can be that "WOW" you've been wanting.  I'm sharing my door and some more inspiration from my Pinterest board appropriately titled "Come In".

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