Monday Musings 9 1 14

  • If you have an empty wall in your house to fill, well #supersize one of these Modern Abstract Paintings by Heather Day #designmilk
  • Planning a Fall remodel somewhere in the home, some ideas on how to Mix Up Your Look with Black Subway Tiles #apartmenttherapy
  • Key measurements to help you design the perfect home office here. #houzz
  • I've never taken a vacation alone but often consider it.  Came across this interesting article on 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone Atleast Once in Your Lifetime.  #greaseandglamour
  • Yep, I am a bonafide coffee snob {#truth}!  Happy to see #MarleyCoffee is Brewing An Empire with a strong message on #sustainability.  #forbes
  • #PassiveConstruction has a strong presence in Europe and slowly growing here in the U.S.  Simply put, it's an ultra-low energy building that requires little energy for cooling or heating.  Seattle is representing this home Where Luxury & Sustainability Co-exist. #freshome
  • Video of the Week: There is no shortage of #ILSIceBucket challenge vids.  So, if you watch one more, make it #IdrisElba #SwagonMax #Yum #WhyDoesHeHideThatSexyAccentInHisMovies LOL....



Thanks for the inspiration on the wall decor!! I too often get used to staring at blank walls in my home! Love the idea on solo travel too…that’s definitely on my list of things to do ;-)


Time to switch up !!! Thanks for the motivation


…of course, Idris is going to be my fave Monday Muse. #yummers #greatwaytostartmymonday


This post hits home for me, Taj. I have way too many empty walls in my house. Your weekly posts and these design ideas are inspiring me to tap into my creative side.

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