Online Shopping For The Modern Home

With free, uncommitted time at a premium these days, does any of us even have time for leisurely shopping any more?  Years ago, I use to shop leisurely ALL THE TIME {once my favorite past-time}.  I clearly remember when the switch happened for me and it had to do primarily with motherhood.  I gotta be honest, for fashion items, I went from maternity shopping to no shopping to barely ever getting my mall-strutting shopping mojo back at all...and, my child is about to be 10 years old!  {insert shocked emoji here} LOL

When it comes to MY home, taking into consideration my profession, decor shopping happens when I come across a great find during shopping times for my clients {which explains why my home is a jewel, not bragging, just LOVE my home}. :-)

I started online shopping on a regular basis about 4 years ago because of the ease of FREE returns and the time it saved me not having to physically go to stores.  It has become a strategic process...filling shopping carts, leaving them for reference for days, editing shopping carts, pondering another few days...all before check out {unless there is a really great sale}!  It's easier to find free returns for fashion more so than home items but, recently, online shopping for home decor is on the rise in a seriously exciting way.  With so many competitors now in the marketplace, brands have to make the online buying experience easier than ever for the consumer!!!  Lucky me...lucky us ;-) has recently created the ultimate guide of online stores for the modern home that are sure to treat your decor delight.  Whether it's to kickstart or complete your modern living experience, check out their Top 30 list here along with key points on what to look out for as you go through your shopping process.  And, if you have absolutely zero available time for even online window me, I get it!   All Things Taj provides Virtual Design Services to take those decorating dreams of yours all the way to reality.  Any questions, send me a quick email to and I'll help you along your journey to making your house finally feel like your home.

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