A Drab-to-Fab Modern Family Room Reveal

This entire house is on a transformation schedule...at a very methodical pace! My clients are the absolute most impressive I've ever worked with.  They are masters at controlling their budget and extremely strict about when and how they will start their projects.  It's not only impressive, I totally envy this self-discipline.  Trust me, this one is where I'm learning as much from them as I feel they're learning from me.

Our first project was gutting the ground floor tile and replacing with new porcelain wood-look tile throughout.  The second project was a total renovation of the old kitchen (from ceiling to floor) and I designed an entirely new layout that up-leveled the functionality of the space, created more storage and gave it that modern WOW factor!

This 3rd project is the Family Room adjacent to the kitchen.  Check out where it started:

Where We Began

This first image above shows when we were in Phase I of removing the existing ceramic tile.

The image above and below reflect the room after the new wood-look porcelain tiles were installed.

Being that the clients wanted a white kitchen, I wanted to add some warmth to the family room and take the edge off the sleek, pristine white space that sits directly parallel to it.  Here's the final approved mood board:

Mood Board: APPROVED

It took several months in shipping to get all the items in.  If you're doing a project during COVID, you know shipments are backed up for months.  We finally reached the finish line.

The Reveal


The talking piece of the space is the commissioned custom wood feature on the wall.  I took the client to the lumber yard and we selected several wood pieces that ended up making this beauty.  It sits 3"-4" off the wall and adds a very cool dimension to the space.

The foundational elements of the space {and some accessories} were mostly sourced from West Elm. See links below: 

The other items were sourced from a variety of resources:

The motorized custom roller shades were ordered at Lowes.  All the decorative accessories were a combination of what the clients already owned, as well as, items I found at places such as Home Goods, Target, West Elm, and more.  

If you have any questions on the products or the process, I'll be happy to assist.  One love, Taj XO

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