Design Dilemmas is For You

Happy 2023, Everyone!! The year has kicked off and so much is happening over here at All Things Taj. We are planning an exciting 2023 and it has YOU front of mind.

For starters, I've decided my word of the year is CONNECTION.  What does connection mean to me? For All Things Taj - it's my commitment to engage and serve you on a more consistent basis through this blog, on Instagram (@allthingstaj) and in a more thoughtul and impactful way. I plan to be more community-minded while being project specific. At All Things Taj, I believe that the hallmarks of good design should be accessible to all who desire it. So, how do I figure out what you need and am I offering solutions in a simple and approachable way?

One of the best ways I thought of doing this is to start a column called Design Dilemmas. This is a Q&A format where you tell me what your design pain point is and I give you my best possible suggestion on how you can solve it. I think it's much better than me writing endless blog posts about "my top 10 tips for this - OR - my 3 simple solutions for that", do you agree? I love that it's more personalized at the root of it and would serve the larger community at the same time.

We're set to go! Design Dilemmas launches on Wednesday, January 18th. I'll answer a question every Wednesday on Instagram and share both the answer and possible solution(s) here on the blog for you to refer back to...forever. If it's product you need, I'll share links. If your stuck on a design decision, submit your dilemma. You get the picture, so let's go!!!

Submit your Design Dilemma here. This is gonna be so much fun!

Taj, XXO

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