We are beyond excited to kick start Design Dilemmas today and we won't waste any time getting into the nitty-gritty of it. If you follow Taj on Instagram (@allthingstaj) and watch her stories, you already know the main request has been product, product, product!

To that point, the first submission we received was:

"I can't seem to find a nice budget-friendly sofa for a small living room? Our budget is up to $1,000."

There's not much detail here but clearly the budget is the primary concern. For sofas, a $1,000 doesn't provide much quality options so we see the "dilemma". Our calling card here at All Things Taj is modern interiors, livable luxury. With that vibe in mind, we searched for the highest customer ratings with a good look (plus they all come in a variety of colors) and here you go:



Novogratz Brittany 81.5" Round Arm Sleeper 

George 82" Velvet Tuxedo Arm Sofa 

Shurtz 67" Velvet Curved Loveseat 



 Geo 84" Square Arm Sofa 

Miller 84" Sofa 

Glen 87.8" Wide Sofa & Chaise 



Laguna 83" Velvet Square Arm Sofa 

Astra 86" Upholstered Sofa 

90" Wide Right Hand Facing Sofa & Chaise 


If you have any problems with the product links, please let me know. And, if you need a deeper dive into your design dilemmas, you can book a virtual consult with Taj here.











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