Week #2 is here and this week's DESIGN DILEMMAS comes from my hometown of Miami.

Hi Taj, first off, thanks for doing this column. I have many questions but I'll start with one - and I'll be back LOL. I have a really large master bedroom and I feel like there is too much unused space. I can't decide how best to use the space. We like to read but we also like to watch TV without the kids. I know we can do both in the open space and need nice seating. My partner and I both love your style so what do you think?

I laughed at this so hard because I can tell this is a fun couple. I read excitement and I totally get the feeling of being overwhelmed with making a decision. This is what DESIGN DILEMMAS is about. Here's a quick take on the type of bedroom lounge seating I would be considering if this was my personal dilemma:

  • Cozy seating is priority #1
  • If the space allows it, I would have the TV face away from the bed (trying really hard to stop watching TV in bed - which is why the cozy/comfy seating is #1)
  • We also need a table for drinks and snacks, maybe storage below for a couple books
  • When adding decorative elements, less is more (eg. a throw pillow, art on the wall, a plant, something simply and elegantly displayed)
  • Product links are listed below, by row
  • All seating is available in different colors and fabrics
  • Always remember to measure your available space and confirm your selection will comfortably fit
  • If you need a deeper dive into your design dilemmas, you can book a virtual consult here



Callen Chaise Lounge

Keegan Swivel Barrel Chair

Mara Chair


Addie Swivel Chair

Grid Chaise

Millie Swivel Chair


Bacall Chair & Ottoman

Austin Chair & Ottoman

Calhoun Chaise Lounge




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