Diverse Designers of Influence (NICOLE GIBBONS)

An ongoing discussion with some of my students and in my mentoring sessions is the lack of diversity in the design industry.  Although the stats aren't anywhere I think they should be, there are still a number of significant designers of color that warrant a shout-out from the rooftops.

I'm launching a new column to my blog titled "Diverse Designers of Influence" ... Why? Well, because these kick-ass go-getters are carving out their own path in what can be an intimidating industry where that's hard to do and, quite frankly, it makes me happy. I. LOVE. IT. 

Although they have plenty press coverage in their own right, there is no collective space one can go to and peruse all of them.  I'm giving myself the task to do just that.  There's inspiration and empowerment in learning one's story.  It's a beautiful thing.

My very first feature spotlights Nicole Gibbons, a former Victoria Secret PR pro who started a design blog roughly a decade ago as her creative outlet.  Fast forward to midway in launching her design practice, doing TV and major brand collaborations to this year launching Clare Paint, an online disruptor in the archaic paint industry.  Nicole happened to raise over $2 million in venture capital funding and only came up with the idea last year.  How'd she do it, you ask?  Learn about it all in her interview with Design Sponge here.

I also took a moment to check out Clare's site and played around with the Color Genius which is a tool to help you figure out your color.  I already have plans for colors Blackish and Turbinado.  One of the unique offerings is color samples in the form of 8"x8" wall stickers...Hello, a very clean and No Hassle way to test if you like a color or not.  Another cool aspect are the cute color names, love them.  Hey Nicole, great user experience, well done indeed!


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Thanks so much for the kind words and for sharing the word about Clare! Can’t wait to hear how Blackish & Turbinado look in your space!!! Really appreciate the support!

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