Hi Everyone!!!  Well, Week #2 has wrapped for the #OneRoomChallenge and I'm well into the swing of this laundry room renovation.  I spent the week on space planning and finalizing my design.  I worked really hard on balancing both the Practical and the Pretty and I'm ready to share it with all of you.


From left to right, I feel really excited with the new space planning.  Before, all the "tall" things such as brooms, mops, vacuums, etc. was sort of placed in a corner and now they have a closet.  Same goes for the laundry basket which will now nicely hideaway on the top shelf of the closet. 

There was never any space for folding clothes either and the new counter space takes care of that.  Also, where did we hang wet delicates to dry before?  I really don't know but we will soon have a hanging rod under the floating shelf for that! #winning

A new sink is coming to just, you know, for whatever.  Soaking things, scrubbing sneakers {I do that...they soak and then I scrub with a brush}.  New stackable washer/dryer for the HUGE WIN to clear valuable storage space and they're pretty!!! :-)))  Well, and the cabinetry is for sorting, organizing and storing in nice #MarieKondo approved containers.  Yes, Yes and Yes to all of the above!


Check out my selections on the design concept board below and I'd love for you to leave your thoughts, comments or questions below.  Overall, the color palette compliments the entire house.  We have birch wood floors (same color as the butcherblock countertops) and I wanted to use the wood tops because they add so much warmth to the space.  I contemplated using stone and I just didn't feel it...the vibes!  

The black sink was/is the dream {insert starry eyes}.  It's going to pop perfectly against the wood tops and be the charmer in the space.  

Everything else, I had ample similar options to choose from so I chose wisely based on look and budget.  The shaker cabinets were definitely a call on budget - always nice and the least expensive option.  To be honest, I prefer a flat panel cabinet (which is what I have in my kitchen) but the splurge wasn't necessary.  I'm ecstatic about this mood board and can't wait to see it come alive.  What about you?

p.s. Scope the name on my title block.  I titled it "Laundry for Alexa" LOL.  We're constantly talking to Alexa in this house and after all the sweat and late nights on this 5-week challenge, well, it's all yours Alexa.  Be my guest. ;-)

p.s.s. Don't forget to check out what the other participants are up to for Week #2.  Visit the One Room Challenge blog to witness loads of design goodness coming to life.  Much thanks to Better Homes & Gardens for being the media sponsor on this great event.


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