ONE ROOM CHALLENGE | Week 6 "The Reveal"

"Calgon, take me away!"

If you know that line (or, that commercial) we are definitely of the same generation, LOL.

It's when you're totally and utterly wiped out and need that me-time pronto, like in the snap of a finger.  Sure, you're proud of your hard work, the late nights paid off MAJOR but...sidebar, If I could choose right this minute, I'd vacay in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, in a cottage at Strawberry Hills.  It's pure magic, I've created special memories there, Google it and put it on your bucket list.

Back to business! I sat down to write this post and my mind quickly ran away to Jamaica. Smh, lol.  This was my first time doing the #OneRoomChallenge and it was riddled with unforeseen and intense moments the entire six weeks (btw, very normal and standard in my profession).  From delivery delays to changing my mind on selections over and over to my contractor leaving the country and I had to scramble for a new's all a part of the gig and I. LOVED. IT. 

First up, this is what I started with:

FLASHBACK {cringing...}

Looking back, and knowing how crazy I get about my personal space, I can't even figure out why it took me this long (like 10 years long).  Wow!


Let's get on with this beauty of a reveal.  You see, my entire home carries a minimalist, subtle, modern yet natural vibe.  Yep, every room holds these traits true and deep.  I call it my sweet bungalow in nature, there's soft music in the backdrop, art all around to warm your soul and all the greenery to purify the air.  It's a complete chill zone and, until now, THE ONLY area that didn't carry its weight was the laundry.  To say this was past due is not saying nearly enough.  As you just saw in the before pics, this space longed for order, structure, style and frankly all things taj. ;)


So, clearly after six weeks of working to declutter, design, remodel, sort, organize and finally restocking these cabinets with cute but functional baskets, boxes and other containers, I'm done!  "Alexa, move in fulltime babe!" LOLLL

All jokes aside, I just wanna say I have a designated closet for my vacuum, swiffer, broom... all things tall!  A bungalow is a small home and storage is a scarcity so this is major key right here.  Before the broom closet {cheesing so hard}, these items would be all stacked in the corner.

Seriously, another WIN is the laundry rack to hang my delicates that require air drying such as swimsuits, silk items and any other item I hand-wash or don't like putting in the dryer.  Also, what a beautiful space-saver these W/D stackables are, right? YESSS.

The laundry symbolizes the process of cleanliness so I wanted to bring in all the elements of nature in a very light, stylish and serene way.  The natural wood countertop brings so much warmth and balance to the stone backsplash and black stone sink.  There's obviously also metal and water.  I chose black for the floor paint to nicely ground's almost like reaping the goodness from the soil.  And, with a starlight shining down, the energy feels real good in here.

What about our health?  Chemicals are a given commodity in a laundry space.  If you spied it in the before photos, I use ECOS plant-powered laundry detergent but still hold on to my bleach for the whites.  The use of the snake plant above and chinese evergreen below are not only lovely but intentional as they work to remove toxins from the air. If you're interested in knowing what indoor plants support your home and health, check here for one of many resources out there.

Well, what do you think?  Better question, do I have you contemplating your laundry space, what it could be, how it can serve you better?  I truly believe all spaces and aspects of our home should serve us in a healthy and positive way.  Actually, Episode #3 of my podcast speaks exactly to this, take a listen here.  Talk to me in the comments below.  

One Love, Taj

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Alison Saffold

Wow! You transformed this space in six weeks? That’s amazing! If this were my laundry room, I’d be doing laundry just because. It’s beautiful, Taj! Great job, as usual!

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