Taj's Top 10 - It's All About The Beds (Weekly Series)

Elevating the look of the bedroom starts with the bed. Select a bed that makes you smile once you enter your private space makes all the difference.  My focus this week is to share with you my Top 10 recently sourced beds for virtual clients. They run the gamut in a variety of modern styles - as each client had their own unique personality - but they were all winners! Maybe one will be for you :)

  1. Tilly Upholstered Low Profile Standard Bed

To start us off is the Tilly Upholstered low profile standard bed. This bed is covered in soft padded upholstery covered in neutral shades that would fit any color theme and can be styled in many different ways. The wingback headboard gives it distinctive character. I especially have eyes for the low profile that inspires a minimalist, cozy and an unobstructed view.

  1. Bowdoin Low Profile Platform Bed

Closely related to the Tilly bed is the Bowdoin Low Profile Platform Bed . Its wingback headboard that curves inwards and becomes wider towards the base makes it very inviting. I also love that it has a slat system hence you don't need to buy a box spring.

  1. Melrose Canopy Queen Bed by CB2

Next in line is this canopy bed that I wish I could get for my own space. The bed serves a terrific modern minimalist look and the four lender poles give it an edgy look that is very enviable. I also love the stark contrast between the dark frame and light-colored fabric. If you are going for an open feel that is really high-end, then the Melrose canopy queen bed is no doubt for you.

  1. Miri Black and Rattan Queen Bed

Another favorite pick that combines an organic feel with a more modern touch is the  miri black and rattan queen bed . It's mix of warm brown rattan and glossy black poplar is eclectic and would form the perfect centerpiece for bedrooms styled in boho chic or modern mid-century and pretty much any other design. I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off the wraparound headboard that takes center stage and rounded edges that give the bed a really soft touch.

  1. Dewi Black Rattan Queen Bed

Forget rectangular headboards and pick this semi circular shaped one with a rattan detail to top it all off. I’m sure you too have the heart eyes for this bed, don’t you?

  1. Heatherfield Leather Bed

This bed feels like the kind you would crawl up in at any time of the day. I can’t pick out a single favorite feature on the Heatherfield Leather Bed because every single detail is curated to entice and complement whatever space it's put in. The warm tone wood and leather gives an inviting and rich look especially when dressed up in all white bed linen. Can you also peep the gold detail on the legs? This detail adds a touch of luxury that completes the frame too well.

  1. Canyon Arched Canopy Bed with Upholstered Headboard by Leanne Ford

A canopy bed is my go-to when a client requests for a bed that is sheltering and brings in a princess, castle-like look to the space. The Canyon Arched Canopy Bed is a perfect fit for infusing the royal feel in a modern sleek aesthetic.

  1. Adia Black Wood Platform Bed 

How about this sleek modern piece? This clean-lined option that serves no regrets is the Adia Black Wood Platform Bed by Leanne Ford that features a hidden base which makes the bed feel like it’s floating but it isn't. It's also really low and finished with the beautiful "shou sugi ban" look.

  1. Andes Bed with Metal Legs

You’d be wrong (a little) to say it is the metal legs that lured me into this pick because I almost equally love the clean-lined headboard and how well raised the bed is. No bulky bases or headboards and metal accent gives the Andes bed a luxurious look that is nowhere near overdone.

  1. Lana Upholstered Bed

The Lana Upholstered Bed combines a wingback headboard, classy slender legs, a raised frame and general curved soft finish. It has an understated minimalistic yet classy and striking build.

There you have it, some of the best bed picks for a modern bedroom space #topsellers. What do you think? If you happen to have a design pain point in your home, schedule a virtual session with me and I’ll help you customize a signature look for any room in your home.

See you next week, XO




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