Taj's Top 7 Black Chandeliers (Under $500)

Chandeliers are one of the most sophisticated and elegant interior decorations you can add to your space. However, nothing screams class more than contemporary black chandeliers. Whether you are looking to liven your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, here are some of our top-ranked black chandeliers that will add some drama and become the point of focus in your home...with the bonus of a great price point.

1. Wand Chandelier

Two words describe the Wand Chandelier: statement and playful. With its arrangement highlighted with smooth metal, this option certainly brings a modern, appealing touch to your home. It features a thin rod that descends from a rounded ceiling plate that holds a set of rods. Each rod is angled to ensure the lighting in your home is vibrant and full. A product of the renowned Dainolite Lighting, the 4-tier Wand Chandelier is suitable for residential and commercial uses and has adjustable arms. 

2. Hadley Chandelier

Looking for an ambient lighting style? Look no further than the Hadley Chandelier. The Capital Lighting product comprises minimalistic lines and right angles to anchor smooth domed shades. What’s more? It is completed with a hand-painted finish. This factor, coupled with its movable shades, offers a convenient style and directable composition of light sources. If you love a matte finish, this is the way to go.

3. Ezra Chandelier

One thing about the Ezra Chandelier: it creates a calming atmosphere with its diffused lighting style and an unmistakable silhouette. Because of the clarity and directness of each element on the chandelier, this piece is even more appealing. The Ezra Chandelier’s sharpness pairs well with globe-style lamping, giving an incredible visual contrast. It’d be a shame if we didn't mention the bulbs, as they are the start and end points of the chandelier's beauty. They dot this piece exquisitely and combine to create a warm light.

4. Mamba LED Chandelier

Did someone say Mamba? The Mamba LED Chandelier is what to go for if you’re desire creating a lasting first impression in your space. It features a contemporary design, blurring the lines between art and lighting. The inventive lighting and white silicone lens that block glare are a few things we love about this LED product.

5. Morae LED Chandelier

The Morae LED Chandelier features a rhythmic design. It uses light-trimmed waves to communicate a playful and elegant tone. The chandelier has a low-profile canopy that can be easily mounted, hence making your spaces feel more open. Its hanging aluminum structure circles hexagonally, creating a charming silhouette. This option suits contemporary and transitional styles, and you should consider it for modern interiors, bathrooms, and even the outdoors. This is the way to go if you prefer a downlight lighting style.

6. Millie Multi-Tier Chandelier

Are you talking elegance and open spaces? Perhaps it’s time you hopped on the Millie Multi-Tier Chandelier bandwagon. Besides its mid-century vibe, we love the bold finish and attractive slender down rod hanging over a living room, dining room, or bedroom. The chandelier has two tiers and is a product of Lark, meaning you can trust their over ten decades of experience in design.

7. Ava Chandelier

One of the many high-quality products of Dainolite, the Ava Chandelier has a contemporary composition. It comprises one down rod supporting a set of metal arms lying on each other. Each of the metal arms balances two bulbs at their ends. The dual-sided display of light gives spaces a bright touch. As if this wasn't enough, the 3-tier chandelier has several finish options. You could choose from matte black, vintage bronze, and polished chrome. Whatever tickles your fantasy!


The black chandelier is surely a statement piece. It's bold yet warm at the same time. We can also say they add an element of sexy to any space. This Top 7 round-up under $500 is to provide a high-style variety for a beautiful piece, one that we get requested for quite often from our clients near and far. All the best!

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