This Powder Room is Doing THE MOST!

Our awesome clients purchased a new construction townhome and were ready immediately to upgrade the builder basics and design their master bedroom, living room, family room and powder room.  This young couple has such a chill and loving vibe, I consider myself fortunate to be in their space and a part of their journey.  Today's reveal is the recently completed powder room.  The assignment was clear..."We want to be rid of the basic & boring; bring forth the cool & sophisticated"!!! After reviewing a few inspo images from Pinterest, the vision was clear and I was on my way.  Check it the before/after below:

Basic & Boring

The first step was to get everything out and remove the tile.  I had my tile installer cut the existing tile along the grout line at the door threshold and demo the entire powder room floor to replace with new. Door hardware, pedestal sink, oval mirror, existing light...yep, pretty much everything, Goodbye ;-)

Cool & Sophisticated

So glad you're here.  Let's take it all in!

The feature wall is a commissioned custom piece comprising of a ceiling-to-floor wood design spray painted black and mirror for a welcomed dramatic effect.  The ceiling height is 9 feet so, needless to say, when you're standing in this box of a room, it's Wow!  The room dimensions are 5' x 5', the clients (and their guests) are equally confused and excited to experience how this designed actually made the room feel much bigger than the vanilla space it once was.

Breaking rules sometimes can be both interesting and a lot of fun.  Our TP holder is installed vertically because, well, why not?! It's centered under the window and turned out to be a subtle eye-catcher as you enter the space.

Can we all just Drop. The. Mic. for this show-stopper marble tile.  Wow!!!  If you're interested, it's the Phantasm Marble Tile at Tile Bar (linked here, you're welcome;).  Go ahead, be great.  

There once was a lonely recessed light sitting where this stunner is now.  She's gone, I sourced this cluster globe pendant light for an amazing price on Wayfair! (p.s. it happens to be at an amazing closeout price now, get it here). This room is a wonderful balance of high/low price points.

For the vanity, click here for the entire collection to choose from at Vanities Depot.  This project was a delight to watch it come to life. If you have any questions on the process or the products, let me know.  I'm here so we all can shine together, One love, Taj XO

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