Taj's Top 10 - Timeless Lighting (Weekly Series)

This week I thought we should take our eyes off the floor and look up a little at some timeless lighting fixtures to add some Wow onto our ceilings.

The ceiling may not be as functional as the floors we walk on or the walls we hang shelves, frames, mirrors & more on. However, almost always when someone looks up at the ceiling and actually notices it, it either has a unique ceiling finish or an outstanding lighting fixture. 

I’m here to help you give more attention to your ceiling, improve the lighting situation of your space and generally help you tie the space together with this week’s top 10 chandelier options that I've sourced for virtual clients over the past week.

1.   Vintage Moroccan Hanging Lamp


The Vintage Moroccan Handmade Lantern is a piece that will fill the idle space of a corner and transform it into a beauty once the lantern is lit. Different sized circular shapes are cut into the metallic body to form patterned holes that let out light and reflect the beautiful pattern on the walls. I sourced this eye-catcher for a Moroccan themed meditation room and it's simply lovely. 

2.   A Piece Of Ellen DeGeneres 

Ellen may be leaving our screens but her presence can still linger in our interior spaces with the Heath Pendant from the Ellen DeGeneres collection crafted by Generation Lighting. This pendant is timeless and perfect for decorative lighting above the breakfast nook or kitchen island.  

3.   The Briana Chandelier

Once again with the Briana Chandelier by Ellen DeGeneres, your household gets to experience a simple design that has elegance and depth. 


4.   Playfulness With Globes

Task lighting that is both functional and decorative brings flair both during the day and at night. The Yearby 2 pendant lights by Mercury Row feature 2 unique buoyant spherical shades that are fun and bring the space to life. The modern pendants have variations in metal finishes and linear suspension that will be stunning suspended above nightstands or side tables.

5.  A Simple Dome Pendant

The concept of ‘less is more’ is well elaborated with Regina Andrew’s Light Single Dome Pendant. This simple ceiling pendant light makes up for its minimalistic design with a gold leaf underside that gives a warm glow to the light it shines creating an overall warm feeling in the space. 

6.   Linear Suspended Light

In my career, I have encountered so many homes with high ceilings, absolutely stunning homes but you could not appreciate the style and decor because of poor lighting. If there is a home that would benefit most from this LED Linear Tube Pendant Light is one with high ceilings where, with normal bulbs, the light seems to be disappearing into the ceiling instead of shining down. This is for those who love a minimalist style with very high impact. It's stunning.

7.   Dine with This Stunner

This is another timeless lighting fixture I would be lovely above a dining table. I like the mix of glass, matte black and bronze metal that adds a lot of visual interest to the pendant light.

8.  Bali Black Pendant Light

This ultra-modern dome-shaped lamp in black and white combines two other shapes that serve to give it more dimension and make it more interesting to include in any style. I'm absolutely in love with it!


9. Orion Glass Crystal Chandelier

There is an elegant and modern update to a ceiling chandelier. It is different from the classic chandelier with an array of diamond shaped crystals. The Orion Glass Crystal Chandelier is a combination of glass tubes seemingly held together by metal. It is a glamorous decor piece and its simplicity makes it timeless and stunning.


10.  Sleek Double Wall Sconce

Let’s shift focus a bit and talk about this simple and dainty wall sconce. White and gold used together have a way of enriching a space with luxury. Even in its compact design this Cypress champagne double sconce is a wall piece I’d choose any day for bedside lighting. 

I believe in helping my clients create timeless spaces with every piece of furniture and accessory I choose. A successful project has to blend style and functionality for it to serve my clients for a long time to come. 

Do you need assistance sourcing that final key piece (or several pieces) in your home? Check out my virtual consultations here. Feel free to email me at Taj@AllThingsTaj.com with any questions you may have. See you next week!


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