Wellness Design in a Modern Spa Bathroom

Wellness, mindfulness, health and self-care are on the must-provide-for lifestyle list these days and rightfully so. Consequently, we've been studying the intersection of Wellness X Design to make this an integral part of our practice. One of Taj's deep personal passion is wellness - as a result - this natural inclination to merge the two has been an exciting process that she explored in this bathroom design and was well received with our clients.
Some of the key features that Taj has incorporated to turn this virtual design project into a wellness haven are:
  • heated floor and towel warmer,
  • shower bench for relaxation and meditation,
  • an enhanced steam shower system with;
  • aromatherapy,
  • chromotherapy, and 
  • voice-activated controls that sets your temperature, switching between shower heads or body sprays and even turning off/on the water.

We can certainly attribute the growing demand for wellness-centered design and spa bathrooms to the COVID pandemic. Creating spaces where one can relax and unwind were no longer an indulgence, but a necessity to deal with the stress of everyday life.

So, what other wellness features are we seeing that is growing in demand. Filtered water systems, infrared saunas, tubs with air jets are also among the wellness plumbing trends that are being developed in a much more elevated and thoughtful way. Multi-function shower heads are another must. From rain head to massage and everything in between allows you to personalize your shower experience, which is in fact the definition of luxury.

Alexa and competitors have expanded technology into the bathroom. For this bathroom, our voice-activated system mentioned above is on the Alexa platform. Personalization is a huge part of what's available in today’s spa shower experience. You can connect to an on-demand water heater and let the shower advise you on when it hits your preset temperature. These systems often contain multiple preset options, so you can choose your temperature and spray mode and your partner can do the same with his or hers.

This bathroom project is a modest 6 feet by 9 feet yet it packs a heavy punch in the menu of wellness amenities. Here at All Things Taj, we're super excited about all the personalization that's now possible due to technology, it truly doesn't matter what size your bathroom is, it can become a wellness retreat to serve your needs in so many ways.


For this project, our clients are exploring the ThermaSol system. If you're embarking on updating your bathroom (or any space in your home), we would urge you to plan not only for aesthetics but also from the perspective of how your home supports your wellbeing. Not only our bathrooms, but our bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces all play a vital role. If you ever need us - for consultation or design services - we're here to help. 

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