Virtual Design Services (per Room)

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There are so many benefits to taking advantage of VIRTUAL DESIGN SERVICES for the design-savvy homeowner on a budget.  As an affordable alternative to traditional interior design services, we correspond via phone, Zoom/Skype and email to create a custom room design that elevates your style, budget and functional needs.


  • Step 1: Complete our Client Profile Questionnaire; send us pictures of your room along with the measurements.  We will provide you with a simple guide on “How To Measure”.
  • Step 2: We will prepare a Design Concept Board for your review -> we'll incorporate any requested changes -> design approved. The design is then finalized, along with your Furniture Plan (this illustrates where everything goes in the room) and a completed Shopping List, with hyperlinks.
  • Step 3: Using your entire Virtual Design Package, you'll purchase at your own pace, install & bring your new design to life!

BENEFITS TO YOU, the homeowner:

  • The design is fully personalized to your space, lifestyle, decorating preferences AND budget. 
  • We can incorporate some of your existing pieces to be used with new furniture and accessories selected, as requested.  
  • There is no commission on sales.
  • MAJOR TIME AND $$$$ SAVER! All the time and stress of researching and selecting the right pieces will be done for you.
  • You can execute the design plan at your pace.
  • You get the professional service of a designer and the results of a designed space at a fraction of traditional design services.
  • You’ll have ongoing designer support via email with any questions, doubts, anxiety attacks (smile)


  1. Your Customized Design Concept Board. A visual representation of all recommendations. 
  2. Furniture Plan (Showing you where everything should go)
  3. Shopping List (with hyperlinks). All selections will be from within the client’s city at local stores and/or online.
  4. Option to Make Revisions to the Design Concept Board. There is a one-time homeowner review of your Design Concept Board prior to finalization of design. This is the opportunity for you to make any changes.  Once these changes are incorporated, the design will be finalized and submitted to you. 
If you're interested in our Virtual Design Service, send an email to or click here to schedule a complimentary 15-min discovery call.  Based on the size of your room, the price varies, starting at $1,500 for a room up to 150 square feet .  Let's chat!