All Things Taj - GirlsAs a socially conscious fashionista, Taj finds it easy to shop for a purpose in the fashion industry.  There is an ever-growing list of fashion brands that are providing stylish options with a social awareness message.  However, the interior design brands are far behind the curve in this important mission of changing one’s awareness to the effects of how we as consumers choose to spend our money. 

All Things Taj wants to be a part of spreading this mission in the interior design industry.  As a customer, you have the power to bring philanthropy into your home. If you make a purchase from our Global Woman Pillow Collection, a donation will be designated by your selection from a short list of causes whose mission is to uplift disadvantaged women worldwide.

All Things Taj - Girls - Desmond Tutu

Why the focus on women?  Glad you asked…

  1. In the world’s poorest communities, girls and women bear the brunt of poverty.
  2. Fighting poverty in those communities requires focusing on girls and women. When families struggle to grow enough food to eat, or earn enough money to send all their kids to school, it’s the girls who are often the last to eat and first to be kept home from school.
  3. In these same communities, it’s the women who are frequently denied the right to own the land they’ve farmed their entire lives.
  4. And, where girls and women are denied freedom to leave their homes or walk down a street, they struggle to earn a living, attend school or even visit a doctor.
  5. But girls and women aren’t just the faces of the poverty; they’re also the key to overcoming it.
  6. When you empower a girl or a woman, she becomes a catalyst for positive change whose success benefits everyone around her.
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Featured Causes:

Care is a non-profit that fights world hunger by focusing efforts on the education and empowerment of women and girls.  Visit their website to learn the facts and the strides they’re making.


Nest is a non-profit working with female artisans around the world and assisting them in the areas of business training, product development, design expertise, production facilities, access to materials, and literacy classes to name a few.  Visit their website to learn more about their mission and achievements.




We all learned about Malala in 2012 when the Taliban stormed her school bus and shot her because of her fight for girls to go to school.  As you know, she survived and two years later, the Malala Fund is working diligently to affect change.  Visit her website and join the movement.