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mission-missionI could not move forward, in all good conscience, without introducing one of my most treasured non-profits....Nest!

NEST hits ALL sensor points for, supporting women, sustainability, handmade, etc. When I first read about NEST two years ago, I really truly had a "WOW" moment!  She (Rebecca, the founder) is doing what I've dreamt about doing but in her own very powerful way. I called her right can I help? Long story short, and a number of telephone conversations behind us, NEST has morphed in a major way since then, tweaking their approach as they go along and realizing serious strides along the way.  I'm proud of them and I'm committed. So, what does NEST do? NEST assists women cooperatives around the world - primarily in developing countries - create business models through their arts and crafts for marketing to the U.S.  NEST provides hands-on teaching of business skills, provides micro-loans and develops partnerships with other like-minded brands for their product to meet the required standards while helping them develop sustainable businesses to support their families and communities. I will feature updates on NEST as time goes by because I believe most passionately in their efforts. Please visit their website at Maybe you'll feel inclined to support the cause! One Love, taj xxo

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