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My Modern Global Bungalow

Paying it Forward

In A Nutshell

Taj’s distinctive design sensibility is modern, with a fresh approach to incorporating texture, subtle pops of color and pattern with timeless pieces that result in a unique design aesthetic.  Her practice also has an emphasis on the application of wellness design practices.  This includes the idea that our personal spaces play a critical role in our well-being. With over 15 years of design industry experience, Taj also trains budding designers on the project execution process, client management, budget management & entrepreneurship. Peruse Taj's blog and you'll learn more of her aesthetic, her passion for art, culture and wellness, causes she supports and much more.

Welcome to All Things Taj!

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My experience with All Things Taj, was absolutely amazing. She made the renovation process of my bedroom and office as seamless as possible . She took her time with me and made me feel special about the project. A must hire!!

D. Jefferson

Taj has a keen eye for design and style. It's fully effortless which translates into her vision and results in a remarkable finished project -- she brings YOUR vision to life. I love how she draws inspiration from her home town (beach, sand, palm trees, the islands, etc...) but also mixes it with luxe and comfort.

B. Herrera

I had a lot of fun working on this project Taj. This is truly what I enjoy doing. 
I’ve learned so much from you. I feel confident that I can step into this industry with some very useful tools and resources to get me started. 
You are awesome.

S. Rowe

Hi professor, was so great seeing you at the ICFF. I want to thank you soooo much first, for extending the invitation to the ICFF and second for helping me getting into the event, I really appreciated it. Professor Waite, I also want to thank you for your kind support, motivation, encouragement and guide so I can make it to the interior decorating field. Professor, you’re a great inspiration.

J. Cruz

Taj is awesome! I've admired her work on Instagram and one day decided to ask her for her help online. I sent her photos of my condo in Atlanta and followed her recommendations. Saying I am pleased is an understatement!