Spring Tings

Akris-Spring-2013-RunwayIt's a Spring Ting! So, I'm Jamaican...hence the word "ting"!  No, it's not a spelling error ;)  I live in South Florida and Spring Tings are ALL over.  The weather is postcard perfect, the ladies are showing plenty skin and the men - if you visit the right places - are styled to perfection.  Miami does have a certain style that is identifiable.  For women, there's always a casual sensuality going on coupled with the myriad of complexions spawning from being in one of the most exotic of world wide locations. My personal style has always been (I'm talking early teens era) heavily influenced by oversized sunglasses (circa Mrs. Kennedy), oversized leather handbags and my island-y vibes.  White linen pants or extra long white linen blouses (rarely worn together) have been a staple my entire adulthood.  My bed linens have never been any other color other than white.  I've never worn athletic shoes for any other reason other than workouts.  I got married in a white sari (red or some other bright color is customary).  I love well-tailored suits and very high strappy sandals.  When in the right mood, however, modesty out the door and I will hit South Beach and strut white skinny jeans and a bikini top...accompanied by oversized sunglasses and high strappy sandals, ofcourse! ;) My personal style has definitely morphed over the years.  I'm far from ashamed to say that when I'm styling myself for the day, I've become overly conscious about dressing too "mature".  I'm always striving for that "Youthful Elegance" ~ my style, that is ~ that look that makes me feel youthful while at the same time effortlessly classy. Spring Tings are abundantly upon us.  Get out and enjoy!

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