Romanticizing Time

timers 290 x 290

The whimsical-ness of the hourglass keeps designers recreating its form time and time again.  Original records of this playful object d'art - once called a sand glass - dates back to the 14th century.  There is no record of who the actual inventor is...just documents showing proof of it's first use during Medieval times.  When you think about it, how many objects were created hundreds of years ago that have zero practical use today but you can still find them pretty much everywhere?

There's this everlasting appeal to the hourglass.  I can't explain it but every time I see one I have to flip it!  Some say the passing of the sand represents the idea of "this too shall pass - change is inevitable".  Others say the two triangles the hourglass reveals  - one erect and the other inverted - symbolizes the timeless connection between male and female.  The hopeless romantic in me wholeheartedly believes in the latter. ;-)

Just in time for this shopping season, I stumbled upon this modernized classic in West Elm with, well, the denomination of time etched on its glass!  Simply put, I LOVE IT!  Check them out and let me know if they give you that twinkle in the eye once you start to flip and watch the passing of time!

-Another All Things Taj

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Love West Elm. Great piece!

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