Sensualizing the Boudoir

Subconsciously, I’ve been redecorating my boudoir this week.  I say it’s not related to “V” day but maybe I’m fooling myself.  I’ve never been one to make a fuss over Valentine’s Day…I don’t run around gift shopping, dress shopping, etc.  A heartfelt card and just sharing a quiet moment chatting with a couple glasses of wine does it for me…whether V-day or any other day.  However, in spite of my positions, I can’t help but to notice the hype from the TV commercials, to the blogs, to the newspapers…this is the designated week for love.  Before I realize it, my mind starts to go…quiet moments, in the bedroom, mood setting, sensual décor-ing, designer flowing….and, I’m now in full gear. :-) Of all the rooms in your home, the one room that should be sensualized - year-round - should be your bedroom. It really doesn’t matter whether you are single or a couple, this is THE room that should serve to relax and release the senses.  With that said - forgetting the cliché rose petals and candles - how can one go about sensualizing your bedroom once and for all.  There are three key standing elements: (1) LIGHTING Lighting plays a huge role in setting the mood in any space.  You already have general lighting that illuminates the entire room.  However, the mood lighting comes from lighting whether directly over the bed and/or above the nightstands placed on dimmer switches.  Once you have dimmers, you can go anywhere from a bright reading level to a much softer and sexier one. AllThingsTaj-modernbedroom-640w AllThingsTaj-Modern-Headboard-Cool-Lighting-640w (2) LINEN This can be debatable for some but, in my humble opinion, the sexiest bed linens are white!  Styling your bed in white - and there are numerous options to how one can do this - leaves you with a platform that is more than inviting…it’s tantalizing.  It’s that simple! AllThingsTaj-whiteLinen AllThingsTaj-BedroomLighting-640w (3) ARTWORK If white linen isn't your thing, bring in the artwork.  Mood-setting can easily be accomplished with the right piece of art.  Be deliberate about what type of art you choose for your bedroom.  Sorry, pictures of the parents or kids are not the ideal mix…they should reside in the more public areas of the home such as the living or family room.  Art is subjective, so take your time and choose the piece(s) that give you a certain type of feeling.  Trust me, this matters!



Let’s not make this V-day the only day that you think of transforming your boudoir into a fabulous escape for a memorable night.  Your bedroom should have that type of feel every night.  Oh, and by the way…when those extra special moments arrive, let’s not forget the music.  You can never go wrong with Sade on deck…sensualizing at its highest!! ;-) ~ Another All Things Taj

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