My 3-Prong Catch-up

So much has been going on, my friends.  It’s been a little over a month since my last post and although my blog is on my mind every single day, the past several weeks have been both busy and exciting.

The month of March was not only my birthday month but the first anniversary of All Things Taj.  YAY!!!  I get so tired of saying “where does the time go?” but it’s very true.  One year ago, I made the decision to enter the blogosphere and add my small voice amongst the thousands of other bloggers out there.  I’ve loved the exchange more than I ever thought and I want to get more personal and share more often starting with this post and pictures below.  :-)

(1)  IT’S MA’ BIRTHDAY (…channelling 50 Cent)

It was a big one! :) My bestie traveled in from New York, all of my other VIP’s joined me for a huge group dinner at Roccos Tacos on Las Olas (If you’re local, it’s a super fun restaurant for Group Dinners with DJ in FULL EFFECT), there were many nights out, 3,000 calorie brunches (Yikes!) and random shopping trips.  However, on my actual born day, I quietly spent it at home. I started early by picking up my queen, my “Mum”, to spend the day with me.  My son was home from school by 2pm then the cousins, aunts and more special friends were all there by 7pm for an official cake cutting, birthday wishes, champagne toasts, hugs and kisses.  Simply put, equally tearful and amazing!


I left the very next day to Cartagena, Colombia!  I must say, I was shocked that so many people asked me “why Cartagena?”.  A highly popular tourist destination known for it’s rich culture, priceless architecture and romantic settings has been a bucket list spot for me for quite some time now and I was ready to indulge.  I stayed at the Casa San Agustin…hands down breathtaking and highly recommended.  Located in the Walled City – which is the historical area -  Long story short, hubby and I didn’t want to leave.  The last day was sad, the time spent was endearing and we felt well, at home.


Yep, my baby, All Things Taj has turned 1!  I had time in Cartagena to reflect, dream and strategize.  My mood directs a lot in my day to day and I continuously work really hard to stay more strategically focused.  Thus, I returned home with more deliberate action.  Before my world wind of a month in March, I had designed a series of throw pillows.  The creative itch was unbearable.  I couldn’t find the fabric I needed in Miami so I sent images to my bestie in New York and she went out on a hunt for me.  Love you, Farah!  She spent her Saturday’s touring fabric shops, texting pics back and forth until she found what “I” liked and, trust me, that’s not easy.   With design concepts and fabric in tow, I got busy with my manufacturers and the rest, hopefully, will soon be history.

So, here I am, what’s next:

  • Pillows made – check!
  • Private labels done – check!
  • Photoshoots & Styling Sessions – check! {I’ll share in a separate post}
  • Lookbook done – check!
  • New e-commerce website done – check!  {check out the new}

I have so much more to share but I want to break them into more frequent mini blog posts moving forward.  However, before the week is out, I will send updates on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh.  If you were with me last year, you know this tragedy consumed me.  April 24th makes one year and, although a lot has happened, exponentially more is still left to be accomplished for many years to come.  I strongly believe it’s vital for all of us to live a conscious life, understand the effects of our own footprints that result from the decisions we make on a daily basis and sincerely care.  I’m dreaming again…or is it just optimism?

With deepest appreciation, thanks for spending these past few moments with me.

~ Sincerely, All Things Taj

{Cartagena Pics Below…}

Cartagena Carriage Rides

Romantic horse carriage rides around the Walled City.

Cartagena Fortress

 The historic Castillo San Felipe de Barajas fortress.

Cartagena Architecture

Colonial architecture throughout the Walled City.


We truly enjoyed the mangoes…prepped Jamaican style with salt and pepper (Colombians add lime juice).


The plum man!  Cartagena has the same plums as we do in Jamaica…we over-dosed, to say the least.




Cartagena Fruit Princess

She saw me with the camera and immediately stood up to pose.  :-) These colorful fruit ladies were all over town.
Cartagena Sunset at Cafe Del Mar

Capturing the sunset at Cafe del Mar.  THE tourist spot for cocktails and music.

Cartagena Streets

The streets at night in the Walled City.  We couldn’t figure out how he was suspended.

Cartagena Cathedral Wedding

We caught a full-fledged wedding procession on horse carriage into this breath-taking cathedral. :-)

Cartagena Modern City

We left the historic epicenter for a day and toured what is called The Modern City.

Cartagena Modern City

The Modern city is very similar to Miami Beach with skyscraper condominiums.  For me, the Walled City has my heart.

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