Monday Musings 05 19 14

mm 5 19 14

  1.  The Niche Workspace…no matter how small your space is, a chic workspace is still attainable.
  2. So, Miami Fashion Week turned out to be a really fun time this past weekend.  I was looking for THE show that stood above the pack and Italian-Haitian Designer Stella Jean did it for me.  Check out her website.  She hit stardom when Giorgio Armani invited her to show her collection at the Milan Fashion Week last year and she’s been globe-trotting ever since.  I feel like we're kindred spirits…if you didn’t notice, she uses the Ankara patterns in the same way I do in my Global Woman pillow collection. :)
  3. We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Check out some of the latest Kitchen Trends this year featured in Design-Milk.
  4. This 2,700 sq.ft. Brooklyn Townhouse renovation I found on Remodelista just warms my heart.  I say it all the time my friends, Design Is Everything (period)  #ModernMinimalism
  5. Shop Your Way To A Better World.  It's about creating the habit and it’s totally doable.  Here are a few tips to think about from Apartment Therapy.
  6. Fe-mailing? …as defined by Elle mag.  I’m so guilty. ;)
  7. From, Women’s Rights, The Lost Girls and More updates on what’s happening around the Globe in the ongoing struggle for the protection of our women and girls.  Ladies, we are “spoils of war”…I’m learning.
  8. Calling all parents! From Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday series, thought-provoking quotes on new ways to think about Parenting.  My favorite … “the most valuable lesson you can teach your child is that life is about the unfolding of the conscious self”. Truth!
  9. Kimmel talks Donald Stirling at THE BARBERSHOP …heehee!!

Wishing everyone a fan-tabulous week!

With Love,

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