Monday Musings 6 9 14

mm 6-9-14

  1.  Could this be the refresher your home needs for the summer?  Add a Gallery Wall…check out these 7 from Casa Sugar for some inspiration.
  2. Someone has leaked all their secrets…Domaine shares interesting savings tips right here for Target? ;)
  3. Happy 56th Birthday, Prince! Aaanndd, I can still hear screams as a child from my cousin, Alison whenever she saw him on TV or heard a song…heehee.  Hey Ali, this one’s for you. ;)  HuffPost shares 11 Reasons Why We Just Love Prince.
  4. This one’s for all the parents out there, check out Forbe’s suggestion on how to keep your kids academically challenged this summer.  My son’s jaw dropped and eyes popped when I assigned him only 2 hours of daily “study” time this morning.  Love it…LOL!
  5. I love courtyards and have a couple of my own that hubby works super hard at maintaining.  The key to feeling its charm both indoor and out is the emphasis on oversized windows that bring the presence and feel of this space into the home.  My home is cozy so I even made the front door glass…my modern cottage, I love it.  Check out Remodelista’s list titled The Cult of the Courtyard.
  6. I was reading Inc. magazine and read this article on the 5 Toughest Personalities to Manage.  It relates to the work environment but I think it deals with relationships overall…narcissists, anger addicts – hmmm, yep, I know a few :)
  7. We would all love a dreamy view when we wake every morning, right?! Check out HuffPost’s 10 Best Bedroom Views.  I pick #2 and #8. :)
  8. Father’s Day is this weekend, my loves.  If it applies to your family, and you’re in my hometown of Miami, here’s a list of the best spots for either brunch, lunch, beer and more.
  9. Video of the Week:  Jimmy Kimmel does karaoke with Snoop and Psy (aka Gangnam Style).  Hahahaha….. :)

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