Monday Musings 6 30 14

mm 6 30 14

  1. So, you have some ideas on that impending home remodeling project but just don’t know how to get organized, right?  Here are 10 Free Online Programs for designing your home.  Required Mantra:  Yes I Can! ;)
  2. By now, you’re using one of the free programs above, started your new home design project and need to select some furniture.  I gotcha!  Check out this resource for Best Websites for Getting Designer Furniture at Bargain Prices.
  3. Love these Design Basics on How to Plan the Perfect Master Bath.
  4. This short video on how to make the perfect bed is a finishing touch.  What always gets me is how to get those perfect corners nice and sharp. #SharpCorners :)
  5. Maybe you’ve recently completed a few design projects in the home.  Well, Remodelista is accepting both amateur and professional design entries for their 2014 awards.  You have another week until the deadline.  Take some pics and submit here.
  6. This 2-bedroom modern cottage is so impeccably designed…all I can say is “Wow”!!  Do you really need more if you have this?
  7. So, my absolute favorite link this week is not design related at all.  I came across this video campaign about the effects of “Like a Girl”…as in “you fight like a girl” or “you run like a girl”.  Very profound!  It’s only 3 minutes.  Please check it out here.
  8. Well, I’m off for a 2 week summer vacay, my loves.  I’m excited, this is the week of the countdown and my plans require a lot of bikinis.  So, what’s a girl to do?  Here’s one tip I’ve been using.
  9. Video of the Week:  I go back and forth between the two Jimmy’s (Fallon vs. Kimmel) a lot simply because I find them hilarious at times.  This week is Kimmel’s Unnecessary Censorship.  Enjoy!

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