Modern Sophistication in 600 Square Feet

How much space does one really need to live?  Here in America, we are spoiled with the "super-size" culture with our homes, SUV's, food name it!  My home is, do I dare say, ONLY 1,800sq.ft. and I feel like I really NEED more space.  I complain constantly about lack of storage, the need for a large dining room and even larger master suite.  When is enough really enough?  I must say, this featured project made me re-assess the space appropriation in my home.  Clients tell me my strong suit is space planning...sooo, what's really going on here? Although beautifully designed, in my opinion, I'm contemplating if I'm really optimizing the 1,800sq.ft. I have.  I can feel a Fall season project coming on for sure. ;-)

Putting my woes aside, I invite you to check out this project Domino Mag just showcased because it could quite possibly be one of the most amazing 600sq.ft. apartment homes you've even seen.  It oozes style, simplicity, sophistication and an edge of urban elegance.  Kudos to Interior Designer Diego Alejandro for a job well done!  I posted a few pictures below of this NYC home and you can check out the entire feature here to learn more about Diego's design process.  My passion?  Great design...whether it's coming from myself or a fellow colleague.  I got that #DesignerPride.  Check it out!




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