#BornAndMade is HERE!

It's not just another campaign BUT a commitment to a movement that inspires girls to be who you were truly born and made to be - not what others say we're "supposed" to be.  Launched by natural beauty brand Carol's Daughter with I AM THAT GIRL -  a girl empowerment organization, this collaboration is most meaningful and timely.

As I AM THAT GIRL appropriately describes it in their vision statement, girls are bombarded with messages that attack their actions, looks, ways of thinking, and that make judgement on what she is NOT.  In this epidemic of negativity, strong support is needed more than ever in helping girls transform self-doubt in to self-love.

Visit BornAndMade.com and create you're own photograph of commitment and belief in positive affirmations, inner beauty, dreaming big, trusting your gut and being fearless!  Share with the hashtag #BORNandMADE and check for your local chapter of I AM THAT GIRL to get involved.

"When I needed to come up with a name for our company I decided to come up with a list of things that I was and a list of things I wanted to become. I figured I would affirm something wonderful about myself or call into existence something yet to happen to me. So amongst the things that I was and am was Carol's daughter, I was also Robert's daughter, and at the time Hank's secretary and Gordon's girlfriend. I wanted to become Gordon's wife so I didn't want to affirm the girlfriend position so I picked "Carol's daughter." It was the one that felt the best, it was the one that made me smile, and that's who I am. - @iamlisaprice, founder of Carol's Daughter."

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