Designing My Roadmap for 2018

Happy 2018, everyone!  Today is my first official day back at work - as its the kids first day back to school.  Those that have kids know your entire calendar is driven by their life and it's demands.  These past 2 weeks have been truly glorious with fun vacation details that I'll share in a separate post.  What I want to share is what I was able to accomplish this past weekend to get me ready for today.

So, I don't necessarily proclaim new year resolutions.  However, one can't deny this renewed sense of fresh opportunities to do better, reinvent or try something new when that calendar hits January 1.

For my, I call it "Designing My Roadmap", a quarterly planning process.  Why quarterly?  Well, because if I start in January identifying EVERYTHING I want to try or accomplish, it's just too much.  So, I group them quarterly.  I find it more manageable.  I focus better AND I already know the deadline(s), the end of each quarter.

I know it's already January 8th but i wanted to share my template with you anyway.  If you've taken the time to do your new year planning and think it may be cool breaking it down into quarters, check this simple template out.  If you haven't done any planning at all yet, give the template a try.  I've also included a guide in this graphic below then click here to download the template. 

YAY!!! Happy planning! :-) This require work so if you actually get through the exercise, please come back and comment to let me know how it went.

Wishing us all an EPIC 2018!

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