DREAMING IN MODERN LUXURY (a bedroom reveal)

 A huge part of our design practice focuses on not only livable luxury but the incorporation of wellness in the home. It's a sense of responsibility that we embody subtly, one we know provides a huge and lasting impact in our clients lives forever.  For this primary bedroom design, the clients moved into their newly constructed home and had already installed gray carpet in the bedroom.  The assignment was to provide a soothing yet luxe gray space where they can rest well, read comfortably, enjoy morning coffee or a late evening cocktail.  Further, they requested an accent of powder blue, the wife's favorite color. Here's the approved design concept board:

Some of the key wellness aspects are:

  • custom silk drapery panels, gray with the powder blue border, designed with blackout room-darkening lining for those mornings they plan to sleep in.
  • organic cotton luxury bedding.
  • all lighting on dimmers for mood setting.
  • soft, sensory colors to create a calming and comforting effect.
  • hidden air filters to manage the dust that we know accumulates in carpeted spaces and to maintain a high level air quality.

 Here are some of the final images: 

This is a 16" glass and chrome round drink table, such a chic element centered between the soft lounge chairs to hold fresh florals and a beverage, snack plate and more.

Initially, the client requested a bench in front of the bed.  We're so glad we were able to convince them that these suede swivel armchairs are definitely the charm.  Space planning is key when trying to expand expectations.  When walking into the space, one wouldn't think these chairs would fit without feeling cramped but they're perfect with ample space to the low profile dresser in front.

The African Juju hat hanging above the bed holds much significance. Originating from Cameroon, Juju hats are creative displays of feathers. The Bamileke tribe began creating Juju hats as symbols of prosperity. The hats were commonly worn by royal dancers during tribal ceremonies.

I think we're living in times where we all need to maximize comfort, a sense of calm (and why not luxury) in our personal spaces.  In a time where there is so much happening outdoors, invest the energy in making your indoors everything your soul may need.  I'm here to help. One love, Taj


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