Embrace the WFH Wellness Revolution

In case it hasn't hit you, Working from home [WFH] is no longer a trend - it's a reality that's here to stay! More and more of my clients have transitioned to WFH and their careers run the gamit from attorneys to accountants to entrepreneurs who all once held office corporate space but - thanks to COVID - no longer find it to be essential to daily business activity. I recently consulted with a young professional couple who told me they are permanently working from home now and they need two separate and private home offices. We did a walkthrough and I assessed where these 2 spaces could comfortably exist and we're making it happen. For me though - above the idea of merely a home office - the idea of permanently working from home carries many burdens although initially can feel like the most convenient.

For my design practice, the idea of wellness comes front and center. To be in a home office everyday, what does one need to prioritize self care and wellness? Design is a problem solving exercise that solves needs on many fronts. Here's a short list of how to transform your home office into a sanctuary of productivity and well-being! 

1) Ergonomic Elegance: first priority, when it comes to furnishings, ergonomics is where comfort and function intersect and plays an essential role to caring for our mental and physical selves. We all want to keep backaches (and neckaches) at bay and research has shown standing desks and ergonomically designed chairs are a big win. I'm sharing below a several options that will support your productivity in a healthy way, making your time spent in your workspace an enjoyable one.

2) Breathe Easy: Adding an air purifier to keep your workspace fresh and healthy is a top tier wellness move. Clean, purified air enhances focus and energy making this pretty much a no-brainer, right? I keep mine on all day and I'm sharing a few below for you to consider as well.

3) Natural Light: Welcome in the natural light, if possible. Studies show natural light filtering in boosts mood, reduces stress, and supercharges productivity. Pull open those window treatments and let the sunshine in. And, if you don't have a window in your workspace, it's highly encouraged to take regular breaks and step outside where you do. 

4) Green Heals: Elevate your WFH space with greenery. Plants reduce stress, increase creativity, and add a refreshing touch of nature to your day. As we're in the Fall season now (and soon to be winter), a couple low maintenance options are --> the Jade plant, Succulents, Pothos, ZZ Plant, Snake plant and more. The added bonus here is the fact that these plants have air purifiying benefits as well.

5) Energizing Hues: In a chic way, add color to your workspace that energize your mind and inspire creativity. Say goodbye to drab and hello to productivity in style.

6) Declutter: An organized workspace means an organized mind. Control clutter with workflow systems and cute storage solutions, because a tidy desk equals a tidy mindset.

Revamp your work-from-home haven with these key elements for a wellness-inspired workspace. Your daily grind will transform into a daily joy! 

Sincerely, Taj

p.s. If you feel stuck with creating your own WFH wellness-centered space, you can book a virtual consultation here  for more personalized assistance. 

This is a look that we recently used in a virtual project for a client in New York. The look serves upscale, corporate, luxury - exactly what was requested.


Standing Desk | Recliner Chair

It turns out Amazon has a number of ergonomic chairs and standing desks. All of these options come in a variety of colors and are highly rated. We will never source any item that doesn't have numerous 4-plus star ratings.


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2nd Row: One | Two | Three

3rd Row: One | Two | Three

Air purifiers remove allergens, reduce asthma triggers in the air, reduce risk of airborne virus exposure, eases dust buildup, removes bad odors & more.


1st Row: One | Two  Three

2nd Row: One | Two | Three

3rd Row: One | Two | Three

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