The last quarter of the year is The Busiest time of the year for me but I somehow made the decision to join the crazy, fast-paced design challenge known as the:

What's The One Room Challenge™ , Taj? It's a seasonal design challenge that interior designers and decor bloggers can participate in and literally challenge our time, energy and resources to redesign a space of their own in [actually 5 weeks]. We commit to blogging {and posting on social} for 6 weeks straight to carry you along with all the BTS stress, fun and madness.  

This challenge takes place every Spring and Fall.  For years I keep saying I'm going to join and I finally decided to do so as a guest participant for Fall 2019.  I'm super excited BUT already feeling the intensity as Week 1 is well on its way and I'm learning a lot of the participants have done all their planning and worked out their design...Ummm, somebody could've called me LOL


Well, I polled my family and they unanimously were like "Mom, the laundry is A MESS!!!" I was relieved because I already knew the laundry area was it but needed my family on board with the decision.  As you'll see in the before image below, our washer/dryer are surrounded with loads of containers of STUFF, and it's stuff that belongs to all of us that needs some dedicated attention for sorting, purging and organizing...Geez!  All 3 of which are monumental tasks of their own. {insert prayer hands}


For week 1, I've identified the scope of work...and it's subject to change, LOL.  I took these 2 before shots and made notations in highlights to send to my contractor to price the work.  What I've discovered in the last 24 hours is that I may want to move the location of the washer/dryer...considering getting new stackable units to save space...definitely front-loaders.  Along with that comes moving the gas line for the dryer and relocating the pipes for the washer, both costly items.  I'm coughing this week up to working out these details, pricing everything out, re-assessing to make sure my budget isn't outta whack and...FULL SPEED AHEAD with demolition ;-)

By the way, Better Homes & Gardens is the media partner for this event.  Very cool, right?

Stay tuned for much more to come over the next 5 weeks and watch the transformation unfold!  Get it, on words LOL

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nicole torres

Can’t wait to see. You got this :)

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