Taj's Top 10 - Family Room Faves (Weekly Series)

Hi Everyone, I'm kicking off a weekly series titled "Taj's Top 10" to highlight my favorite products sourced for various virtual clients from the week prior. This week, I’m sharing my top 10 picks that could add a WOW factor and up the style-factor in your family room, living room, home office and more.

1) Modern Coffee Table With Storage

The Madilynn Trestle Coffee Table is an ultra-modern coffee table that combines usefulness and style in a way that's hard to beat. I liked how the glass was incorporated into the wooden top and curved bottom body. Even better, it has storage; open shelves to keep small accessories, and side drawers to put away the remotes, keys, and other unsightly items. Yes, no more clutter on your coffee table.  

2) Hudson Collection Drink Table

Let’s talk class, elegance, and unmistakable character because this drink table is all that. It draws its name from the design, an inverted wine glass. The shape, together with the mixture of brass and marble gives the table a mid century feel that is very trendy currently. It also has a small footprint that is convenient for moving and fitting into tiny spaces. 

3) A Mood-Setting Modern TV Stand

A seamless floating TV stand for me is the absolute anchor for a TV if you are going for an airy contemporary look. The Aiyanah Tv stand leaves enough under space to fit ottomans and has clever cable management for pesky wires. To top it all off, it includes a remote-controlled fireplace that beautifully contrasts against the white. You can create the focal point for your living space with just this single piece. 

4) Pictograph Media Console

With just one look at this modern tribal-style console, you'll agree that it would add a lot of interest to any room. It has an eye-catching design, thanks to the geometric shapes recessed into the wood with interesting 'Y' type legs. I particularly like how large it is; and, if your wall is long, setting two of them side-by-side would be pure fire.

5) Sleek, Minimalist & Sexy Chandelier

Forget bulky chandeliers and boring bulbs. I sourced this minimalistic piece to transform a clients family room as it beautifully accentuates and adds the perfect finishing touch. The perforated single LED chandelier manages to stay fully functional and aesthetically stunning in its sleek self #purefire.

6) Nesting coffee tables

Nested coffee tables, in general, offer the flexibility you may not get with just one large table. You can easily take them apart, move them around and tuck them when you don’t need them. I specifically selected the Keya antique brass nesting coffee tables because of the mix of materials to add texture and circular shape to add dimension.

7) Sculptural Stone Side Table

It could be the textural feel, the sculptural design, or the organic build that makes the Monti Lava Stone nightstand a piece perfect for a side table. It offers a post-modern vibe that completes your living room.

8) Sectional 4-piece Sofa

Onto the major piece of the family room; the sofa. We went with sectional sofas for this setting. The L-shape is great as it maximizes seating and offers a lot of lounging comfort. This stitch sectional 4-piece sofa features a slim design with a tufted detail that we absolutely love. 

9) Sectional 2-Piece Chaise

Comfort is key for a family room and the Harmony sectional 2-piece chaise comes with so many fluffy throw pillows to ensure quality time watching movies or simply bonding over great convo feels just right. 

10) Sectional 2-Piece Chaise

What stands out for me with the Andes sectional chaise 3-piece is the sleek profile and deep seats. It's also low enough to have a very cozy look but easy to get up from, something you don’t get with most low sofas. This chaise would fit well into any modern update. 

What do you think? 


If you have a design dilemma in your home - or maybe you've been trying to find that perfect missing piece - check out my virtual offerings here to book a consult asap. It's via Zoom and has been a highly popular choice for clients near and far. If not, at the very least, check in every Monday moving forward for what's the latest in "Taj's Top 10". 


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