Taj's Top 10 Planters for Spring into Summer

The beauty of planters is that other than housing plants we love, they can also be used to make a grand styling statement. CB2 is serving some serious sizzle for indoor and outdoor planters this season and I'm sharing my Top 10 selects. 

Lazo Stainless Steel Elevated Planters

The Lazo Elevated Planters by CB2 is the definition of modern. Featuring a sleek curved design in stainless steel, the set is a perfect fit for indoor and outdoor display. The rod legs hoist the planters to give them height and elegance.



White Marble Outdoor Planter

Is it just me, or do all natural stone items instantly make spaces feel chic? This white marble planter has the ability to elevate your outdoor living space with its beautiful veins and mix of color.


Basket Burnt Rattan Outdoor Planters

Still on the natural material, there is nothing better than a natural rattan touch in coil pattern to go with house plants. It gives such an organic and authentic ‘wabi sabi’ feel to your space. The burnt brown emphasizes a warm and cozy appeal even for your plants. This Asian modern planter is certainly a worthy purchase.


Mosi Cast Aluminum Black Indoor/Outdoor Planter

If you want to make a statement with an outdoor planter, I’ll gladly push the Mosi cast aluminum black planter your way. Its dramatic black color with blunt spike detail on the upper wider part makes it a showstopper.



Flatform White Indoor/Outdoor Planter Set

The white flatform concrete planter set is a beauty. The planters have a sculptural form that combines a uniform platform base and varying upper curving details giving them a modern look. 


Tanta Indoor/Outdoor Planters

The tanta planter set is one for the books. Each planter combines a simplistic white container with a contrasting warm brown wooden stand base that is so thoughtful to elevate the plants and introduce a mix of material to make the planter more dynamic.


Rio Indoor/Outdoor Planter Xl

Well, well, well. Who said terracotta planters couldn't be fab? Let me change your mind with the rio planter. I don’t know how the neat weave pattern was achieved on the body but the artist nailed it. And the white wash finish? It further defines the texture and gives the planter a gorgeous rustic feel.


Bast Brass Floor Outdoor Planters

These aluminum brass finished planters can easily look antique but the sculptural base and texture infuse a contemporary touch that’s quite loveable.



Pod Indoor/Outdoor Planters

Need I say much with these pod planters? The line pattern, simple curved form and grey finish combo make such a statement.


Zen Indoor/Outdoor Planters

The line drawing and geometric thumbprint makes this black and white planter combo fun and unique. The gloss finish makes the clay planters durable, easy to clean and gives them an attractive shine whether indoors or outdoors.



Consider this selection your cue to up your planter game. Forgive my CB2 bias, but I am sure you won’t miss even just a single planter that ticks all your boxes.

I enjoy choosing statement pieces that are also functional to elevate my clients’ spaces. If you need some assistance in sourcing key pieces for your home, say no more and schedule a virtual session.


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