My Story

From losing my mother to Breast Cancer at the age of eight, to becoming a mother at the age of 31, I pay homage to the sacrifice and constant presence of the women in my life as the force that has brought me through my darkest moments.  The unconditional love received from my maternal grandmother, her life lessons, her entrepreneurial spirit...all taken to heart and have guided my everyday life and dreams.  Whenever I feel lost, I think about her patience, how her love guides her actions and the simple adages she would tell me to clear my thoughts...her undying work ethic to provide whatever is necessary for her family, the way she has cared for me, and many other selfless actions.  It is in honor of her love, the love of a woman, that I find compassion for other women. Not only my grandma - my Mum - but my aunts, cousins, girlfriends...all nurturers, fighters, protectors.

I have witnessed throughout my life, when a woman is given the opportunity, the positive effects of her love is felt exponentially. The organizations I have chosen to support are working in areas around the world for women that do not have that opportunity.  All Things Taj is where my passion for design has finally met my purpose.