WEEK 5 is here, everyone!!!! I can't believe it.  We are racing to the finish line and the design success is all in the details.  Here's what's been going on:


If you remember my mood board from week 2, you anticipated this black beauty ;-).  We got her drain assembled and installed and she's everything.  I intentionally searched for a deep sink because The Hubs is a neat-freak and washes all the sneakers for the entire family (all the time) and this is the perfect spot for him to do that.  Before this, he was literally in the back yard...heehee.


I wanted to incorporate gray in my backsplash and tried maybe 3-4 different options until I found this terrazzo tile {LOVE!!!}.  The terrazzo design is the perfect missing piece that pulls all my elements together and compliments the color palette perfectly.

As you see in the 2nd photo, my tile installer was moving a bit too fast and I swear I left him for 5 minutes only to return to the wrong layout on this return wall.  Well, needless to say, these are the type of details that makes working with a designers beyond worth it.  All is fixed, as shown above, and the tile is perfection.


Not a part of the original plan but things happen and the door leading into the laundry area ended up being upgraded :))).  The top picture shows my handman, Wayne, measuring the height to trim the new door as it was a couple inches too tall.  Sexy door, right?

Well, I gotta run.  Plenty to do in this last week including styling and photoshoot.  WOW!  Literally outta time.  Fingers crossed, please and see ya next week, XO

One Love, Taj

p.s. Don't forget to check out what the other participants are up to for Week #5.  Visit the One Room Challenge blog to catch up.  Thanks so much to Better Homes & Gardens for being the media sponsor on this great event.

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