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Ethical Fashion is the new black - 290h
By choice, I have stayed clear of social media for years.  I did have a Facebook account when it was first launched but closed it probably a year later.  However, as a highly visually driven person - a byproduct to the nature of my passions - it was no surprise when the likes of Pinterest and Instagram came along that I was intrigued to give them a try.  I recently joined Instagram (IG) barely three months ago and it's been quite interesting thus far.  In authentic All Things Taj fashion, I quickly sought out all the socially aware, globally conscious, ethically-sourcing, swag-dropping labels and personalities out there and started to "follow". When one hears the term "ethical fashion", the sleekest of styles unfortunately don't come to mind...yet.  I'm always on the look-out for not only the noteworthy causes that are making things happen, but those that are truly producing first classic product that I personally wouldn't mind paying premium for.  There's a depth of understanding that comes along with purchasing items that are fair-trade, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, etc etc.  Most times, if a product falls into one or more of these categories, one expects it to be low cost but it's a lot of times to the contrary.  To source such an item, there is an admirable amount of extra effort put forth in producing that product.  I have a deep love and appreciation for the work put into reaching some of the most hard-reaching communities around the globe, coordinating or finding a skilled work force, creating the business model to reach a global marketplace, providing the necessary training, performing ongoing quality control, and so forth.   A company whose values and mission is to effect positive change on the lives of these talented artisans and pay fair wages that allows them to provide for their families which has a trickle-down effect on the communities on a whole...well, all monumental tasks, wouldn't you say?  So, when I make a purchase from such a brand, that's my stamp of appreciation for the sweat in that handmade object, my support of the cause and my encouragement to keep pushing along because I know it's not easy BUT it is important.  In my humble opinion, profits are deserving to these companies even more so than our coveted brands that use sweatshop labor in countries such as China and Bangladesh. I'm ecstatic to share my favorite pieces for my ladies and men from a few of these brands that, without IG, I probably would have never discovered.  They are making serious strides in achieving their corporate missions with an aesthetic shown below that I can't deny because it's truly All Things Taj:


Made products are crafted using recycled or sustainable raw materials, sourced from local, independent retailers. From highly skilled craftsmen and women to novices eager to learn, our goal is to create sustainable jobs, teach new skills and empower developing communities in Kenya through the production of beautiful, unique and highly covetable accessories. (Source: Made Website - Corporate Statement & Product Images) njege pendant - made


maswili bracelet - made


njege necklace - made





Soko was created by women for women to help “fashion a better world” through the equitable direct trade of beautiful goods between artisans in the developing world and web consumers worldwide. Soko was founded on the belief that technology can empower women, can connect markets, and can foster opportunities that change lives. (Source: Soko Website - Corporate Statement & Product Images) nusu beaded necklace - soko

Nusu Beaded Necklace

brass fringe necklace - soko

Brass Fringe Necklace


Triple Strand Horn Bracelet


~ for the men ~

Apolis has a model of “Advocacy Through Industry”, a revolutionary way to harness the power of business to create social change. This model is founded on the simple idea that people can live better lives when they are given equal access to the global marketplace. (Source: Apolis Website - Corporate Statement & Product Images)

hoofpick_belt_tan_rollup - apolis

Hoofpick Belt

transit issue camera strap - apolis

Transit Issue Camera Strap

leather card holder - apolis

Leather Card Holder

filson-briefcase-front-standing1 - apolis

Filson + Apolis Philanthropist Briefcase

Sincerely, All Things Taj

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