Design Practice Development

This is an intense 4-week program and was developed at the demand of serious emerging designers that have the time, schedule flexibility and focus to put in the required work necessary to gain the clarity and build your confidence as a Design Professional. 

"Clarity Builds Confidence"

Each week, you'll meet 1:1 with Taj (in-person or video conferencing) for an in-depth 4-hour working session personalized to your needs.  The following is a sample of what we're currently covering in this program to give you an idea of how your sessions can be structured.  If interested, you will be given a questionnaire that would highlight where you currently are on your business journey.  The curriculum below will be tailored to your needs: 

WEEK 1: 

  • Business essentials required to professionally launch your own design practice:
    • Vetting the business name
    • Determining the Right Business Structure
    • Getting your Federal Tax ID
    • Free Options for Your Business Phone Number
    • Business Card Design
    • Website development (or analysis and editing if one has already been created)
    • What will be your Service Menu? (a study of all service offerings)
    • What's your niche and why that's important
    • Building a Portfolio
    • And More
  • Understanding your value, a study of why hiring a designer is well worth it for the client.
  • Tax Deductible Expenses for Designers
  • How to Set up your Financial Books

 WEEK 2: 

  • The Client Questionnaire (a template will be given to you for personalization)
  • Most Important questions to ask a potential client before taking the job.
  • The Consultation Checklist
  • The Letter of Agreement and how to protect yourself legally
  • Understanding Project Minimums
  • Pricing Strategies
  • The Design Process
  • Technical Components of a Design Package
  • Key Reminders
  • Design Presentation Basics (what really is the thrust of your pitch)
  • New Client Onboarding Process

 WEEK 3: 

  • The Project Management Process
  • Key Tips
  • How to Stay Organized with Many Moving Parts
  • How to Control a Project Schedule
  • Understanding Scope Creep
  • How to find contractors 
  • Building your network
  • How to manage client expectations
  • How to Handle the Punchlist
  • Form templates will be given to you for personalization

 WEEK 4: 

  • Industry Tactics for Marketing a Design Practice
  • Using Canva for Social Media
  • Are paid business promo ads worth it?
  • Blogging and SEO
  • Other Streams of Income as a Designer
  • Closing the Gap – "Clarity Creates Confidence"
  • Q&A on the last 4 weeks and Covering the Bases 

This program is 100% customizable with both content and meeting dates.  Are you in South Florida?  In-person sessions convene at The Designer Compound (TDC) offices located in Hollywood, Florida.  Coffee, an assortment of hot teas and other beverages are available for your comfort to stay focused on the task at hand.  The hours will be 9:30am to 1:30pm.  Lunch is included and we order in weekly...Hello! We Got Work To Do!!!

A program binder will be provided to you with all program materials.  You will need to bring a laptop for in-session work.  If you do not have a laptop, please let us know.  In addition, a Dropbox folder will be provided to you that includes digital files of all customizable documents presented throughout the program for your future use in your own business.

Is this program a bit beyond what you need right now? If so, check out our 2-day Bootcamp here.

Join our elite group at The Designer Compound ~ you're launch pad to a design business of your dreams! If you have any questions about the program detailed above, please schedule a call with Taj here. She'll be happy to answer your questions and discuss all program options available at The Designer Compound with you.  Let's Do This!!!