8-Week Designer Skills & Business Training (Online Only)

  {Photo: Past Students, The Designer Compound | Business Bootcamp}

Our 8-week all-encompassing designer training program offers the opportunity to develop the knowledge and technical skills required in successfully completing a design project, as well as, the necessary business skills to launch your own design practice.

At the end of this uniquely-formatted training, you will :

  • Know how to complete an interiors project from start to finish.
  • Understand the basics of space planning and industry standards.
  • Learn all the steps to professionally complete and present an eDesign project.
  • Be able to brand yourself confidently to develop your own clientele.
  • Be able to utilize digital / online resources to execute your design project.
  • Learn various pricing strategies for your services.
  • Understand all the key components of a designer contract.
  • Be able to manage a project budget and project schedule.
  • Leverage technology to get everything done efficiently and professionally.

This course focuses on:

  • How to launch your own business as a creative professional.
  • How to stand out from the pack and create our own brand.
  • The various types of services an interiors specialist can provide.
  • Defining your niche.


In response to a growing demand from aspiring designers not able to attend one of Taj's in-person trainings, she has worked tirelessly to develop an online program that offers a classroom-like experience. 

There's nothing like that face-to-face experience, right?  We get it.  This is your passion, your dream career, you're going to have questions, and you need to be able to discuss your thoughts and ideas. 

Throughout this 8-week intense training, you'll attend a pre-scheduled 90-min virtual class LIVE with Taj to go over the weekly lesson.  This program is unique in that you're afforded the interactive engagement for personal and invaluable instruction.  You will never receive e-books or videos - similar to other online programs - without having direct access to Taj for discussion.  

What happens in between weekly classes?  You'll have homework and it requires dedicated focus.  If you're serious about this new journey you want to embark upon, this is the program for you.  If you find yourself stuck on assignments in between sessions, you'll be able to email Taj to schedule a time to work through it.  We sincerely believe our success is your success!  If you want this, we'll get you there.

Join our elite group at The Designer Compound ~ you're launch pad to a design business of your dreams! If you have any questions about the program detailed above, please schedule a call with Taj here. She'll be happy to answer your questions and discuss all program options available at The Designer Compound with you.  Are you ready?

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