Monday Musings 6 16 14

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  1. Attention all aspiring Art-lovers, have no fear…for Art, that is! I came across this cool and very simple guide from HuffPost Arts & Culture on how to read abstract art here.
  2. Did someone get the memo and book my tix to Spain?  I’ll be staying at this amazing modern villa if you need to find me.  See ya! ;)
  3. Think out the box….do something fun and unexpected for your new headboard.  Check out some cool ideas here.
  4. Inc. Magazine puts out 7 Productivity Apps You Can’t Live Without.  I’m always on the lookout and didn’t know of any app on this list.  My vote for most interesting is EasilyDo.  Have you used it?
  5. So, my summer vacay is less than 3 weeks away and the diet is in full effect.  I brunch quite often and find salads have become a staple for me as a side regular.  Well, check out these yummy “breakfast salads” on The kitchn (yep, it’s spelt correctly) that will be in heavy rotation, as an entrée that is.
  6. Trend Alert by Remodelista…I Spy File Cabinets, everywhere.
  7. Just when I thought my son was the absolute smartest in the world…am I the only one?!?!  Entrepreneur mag introduces this 10 year old genius that just graduated from high school.  You gotta love him…adorable!
  8. Do we all collectively struggle with the dreaded “window treatments”?  I get questioned a lot on ideas for the windows.  Believe me, I get it!  It’s not an easy decision because it has such a HUGE impact in the home.  Well, check out Domaine's Drapery 101.
  9. Video of the Week:  In honor of the end of the NBA season, I offer #LieWitnessNews – our basketball fans are truly special. LOL!!

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