Monday Musings 8 11 14

mm 8 11 14

  1. I’m passionate about the causes I believe in and try my hardest to keep my pulse to the ground on what’s going on --- introducing Fabulous and Fighting, a new charity that collects clothes from design houses for cancer patients.  Based in the NYC, if you're in the area, the launch party is on September 3rd.  Check out the details here.
  2. A great decorating reference guide on Ideal Living Room Measurements from Apartment Therapy.
  3. To my subscribers in San Francisco, please check out the last stop for Aphrochic’s Summer Book Tour. I'm so proud of this husband and wife duo and their debut design book!  :)
  4. The Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up a Bar at Home by Domaine Home.  Personally, I needed this ;)
  5. Ladies, this is for you. Disclaimer: I am featuring this because I say it all the time #DesignIsEverything.  Check out this very slick, wearable tech featured by DesignMilk.
  6. If you’re a fellow Miamian, you know so much is going on with the development of our first class city. Here is the interactive map for what’s happening in the Miami Design District.
  7. My feature home of the week warms my spirit…the kitchen, the fireplace, the entertainment wall, art pieces…just so much to love. #Freshome
  8. Check out Domaine Home’s 7 Favorite Foodies. They’re my faves too.  #DesignerFoodie ;)
  9. Video of the Week: This song is soooo infectious (to me)!  Absolutely LOVE IT!!! Big Ups to Nico and Vinz on The View :)

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.  I hope you take your time and enjoy thee view, xxo

With Love,


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