"I have decided to stick with love.  Hate is too great a burden to bear." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I not only love the aesthetic value but I also love the expression of art.  Whether it be a painting or melody or film, the feeling I get from an art piece I have fallen for grasps me for a while and I get possessive with it and want to share it.  I unfortunately do not know the artist for the painting above but it expressed a level of intensity that I also experienced in watching the movie Selma a few days ago and...I wanted to share.  I encourage all to see Selma. Beyond being a highly acclaimed expression of art through filmmaking, this is two hours spent following the deliberate and endearing mission of an incredible spirit. I was highly impressed and deeply humbled by the sophistication of his organization and, thus enjoyed immensely watching the execution of the march in Selma. Dr. King's life cannot be capsulized in one biopic and Selma gives an endearing look into the strategy, sacrifice, tactics, attitudes and so much more of this man on a self-sacrificing mission driven overwhelmingly by love.  Humbly, this is my #consciousdaily

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Love the quote from Dr. MLK! …will be seeing it today on his Birthday. Hope I can control my rage against the terrorist who continue to assault people of African descents through out the world with no condemnation or reprisal.

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