Wow!  How many times do we hear it?  Time FLIES!!!  It's been several weeks since my last blog post and that is directly a result of an over-committed schedule and numerous projects.  Being an entrepreneur, I definitely enjoy my flexibility BUT it seems as if you need a Masters Degree is Time Management to truly understand how to balance everything that is important.  Am I joking myself?  Is that really possible?  I'm certainly trying :)

I wanted to simply day "hi" and let you know things are a stressful but delightful chaos thus far in 2015 - LOL.  I'm being honest.  The master plan is to devote my energy into ALL of my passions...I'm going to do it...I know I can.  What I mainly wanted to say today is I'm more committed than ever before to share this process with you...openly and honestly.  The good and bad...the ugly and pretty.  There are many of us out there trying to do the same thing but all of our stories will be different and have it's own unique-ness.  I'll give you my highs and lows.  As I move along, please share your thoughts as we can empower each other.  Let's do it!  #girlpower


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