Could This Really be an IKEA Competitor?

Well, after many years of monopolizing the low-budget, high-style modern living market, it actually looks like an IKEA competitor is on the rise.  I've thought about this day...this moment in time when there would actually be an exciting option to IKEA.  Love it or hate it (For the record, I LOVE IKEA) you cannot deny the devotion to the IKEA brand from its global audience.  I did a business analysis paper in grad school on IKEA and have been a staunch supporter since then.  If you really examine the final product, the quality of your mainstream average priced furniture stores are not superior quality above IKEA.  The genius to IKEA's business model is that they removed the ENTIRE assembly department, developed a brilliant process to flat box everything (flat boxing saves TONS on shipping cost) and passed that savings over to the consumer.  My primary (and significant) testimony to IKEA is my sons bedroom.  I designed his room 100% IKEA for his 5th birthday.  He will be 10 next month and everything (bed, dresser, bookcases, desk, lighting, seating) is still like brand new...and, he's a VERY rough boy!! ...nuff said.

So, with the brief background info on moi above, you get how a potential competitor would spark my interest.  The blog, Curbed, featured the up and coming brand Greycork that touts claims of good design PLUS being more affordable and easier to setup than IKEA.  Wait! What? ...I wish you could see my face right now! ;-)

 Here are a few images of their 5-Piece Room Starter Kit to check out.  They have price comparisons to IKEA on their website here.  Leave your comments below and let me know what you think?


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