Is Your Closet Fall Ready?

One of our blog fave's, Apartment Therapy, posted an oldie-but-goodie piece on organizing your closet for the Fall season.  There are numerous articles out there on this subject but I find this one to be straight to the point and on the money.  The key areas they highlight, which I totally happen to agree with, are:

  • Take Inventory - no brainer here, let's create a pile for donation, consignment, storage, etc.

  • Know When To Say Goodbye - it's hard, I know.  Try to only store things that are still in good condition and toss those that are worn out.

  • Find a Home For Summer Storage - maybe on top of the shelf above the closet or under the bed?  And, don't forget to label your bins.

  • Take an Autumn Wardrobe Inventory - basically, don't wait until you are running out the door and can't find your favorite scarf or both gloves. :)

There are a couple more fun tips.  Check out the full post here.  Most importantly, once all of the above has been done, make sure your closet is nice and pretty.  If not, what was all that work really for anyways ;-)


image source: Apartment Therapy

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