A Modern Home Office Transformation

Hi Guys, we're sharing the most recent debut from a custom remodel of a 4,200 square foot new build.  These lovely clients moved in a few months ago and we're working to personalize and customize every inch of there lovely new home.

The renderings below reflect the space they've designated as the Home Office. As you'll see in the floor plan below, we designed a super fun "workspace wall" that provides personal space for both husband and wife. The upper cabinets were designed to not only create a big vibe but also add a ton of visual interest as you enter the room in a playful way. 

The niche housing the lounge seating was a formal reach-in closet. They didn't want to lose the option for someday converting it back so we widened the opening and found this multi-functional modern sofa that converts to a bed. The corners are elegantly maximized to accommodate shelving and the wood slat detail on both sides of the room are simply WOW! Let's not forget the element of lighting as well. Lighting plays a critical role in setting the mood for a space and these lights are all on dimmers to do just that.

What do you think? Would you be excited to work from home in a space like this?


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